About Us

We’re committed to developing and promoting literary and artistic talent in all its diversity by amplifying underrepresented voices; and to nurturing a love of reading by inviting kids into books that capture different experiences and open their minds to new ideas and perspectives. As a proudly Canadian publisher, we’re particularly keen to showcase homegrown talent, but also welcome submissions by authors, illustrators and agents from around the world. 


Our Current Wish List

  • Non-rhyming picture books for ages 3–5 / 3–7 / 4–8
  • Nonfiction for ages 5–8 / 7–10 / 8–12 / 10–14
  • Early fiction for ages 6–9
  • Graphic novels (fiction and nonfiction) for all ages


Are You Over 18 and Want to Send Us Your Work?

(We do not accept manuscripts written by children.)

  • Check out our current catalogs to get a sense of the kinds of books we publish. We like funny, genuine, thoughtful, heartfelt and clever (in any combination!) approaches to all sorts of stories and subjects. That goes for nonfiction, too, with particular interest in STEM/STEAM, global citizenship and awareness, and the environment.
  • Include a cover letter. Tell us what you’re submitting, for what age range, and a bit about yourself, including expertise in the subject (as applicable) and any writing experience.
  • Follow these guidelines —

            o   For picture books: send the entire manuscript (and remember, no rhyming!)
            o   For nonfiction: outline + 2–3 sample chapters/sections
            o   For fiction: synopsis, outline + 3 sample chapters
            o   For graphic novels (whether fiction or nonfiction): synopsis and/or outline + 3 sample chapters

  • Mail us a typewritten, double-spaced, double-sided copy of your submission to the address below. (No originals, and no artwork samples unless you’re a professional illustrator, please.)


Kids Can Press

25 Dockside Drive

Toronto, ON M5A 0B5



 Other Things to Know

•       Submitting your work to other publishers, too? No problem! Just note that in your cover letter so we’re aware. 

•       As much as we’d like to respond to everyone personally, we simply aren’t staffed to do so.

•       If you haven’t received a reply within three months, it’s safe to assume that we are no longer considering your manuscript.

•       Submissions will not be returned. Please do not include self-addressed stamped envelopes.