Zoom Along

Jessica Phillips

An engineer conducting a train (Choo! Choo!). A cyclist pedaling a bike (Brrring! Brrring!). An adventurer flying a hot air balloon (Whee!). There are lots of ways for young children to play driver in this unique interactive board book. For each illustration --- one per page --- a large die-cut hole takes the place of the driver's head, inviting children to insert their own faces and pretend to be driving their favorite vehicles. Mirrors, which can be seen through each hole, enhance the make-believe. There are fourteen popular ways to zoom in all, including in a dump truck, tractor and rocket ship (there's even a mountain climber, traveling by foot!).

Jessica Phillips's simply drawn illustrations capture the energy of movement with bright primary colors and easy to recognize surroundings. Vehicles of every kind are an ever-popular subject with toddlers. By allowing them to get in on the action, this book offers a delightful read-aloud experience that encourages imaginative play. Children also learn the term for each driver: a captain sails a boat, a farmer drives a tractor, a conductor drives a trolley. The easy to mimic, catchy vehicle sounds on each spread add to the enjoyment and appeal. And the two vehicles on each spread have sounds that rhyme: Whoosh! / Swoosh!

978-1-77138-797-2 | May 1, 2018
List Price: USD $15.99, CAD $16.99

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Awards & Reviews

“Young readers will, no doubt, find their disproportionately large reflections amusing.”
— Kirkus Reviews, May 2018
“... this board book should be in all libraries serving this preschool group.”
— CM Magazine, May 2018
“... guaranteed to attract attention and stimulate the imagination.”
— Quebec Library Association, May 2018

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