This Is Your Brain on Stereotypes

Tanya Lloyd Kyi
Drew Shannon

An essential overview of the science behind stereotypes: from why our brains form them to how recognizing them can help us be less biased.

From the time we're babies, our brains constantly sort and label the world around us --- a skill that's crucial for our survival. But, as adolescents are all too aware, there's a tremendous downside: when we do this to groups of people it can cause great harm. Here's a comprehensive introduction to the science behind stereotypes that will help young people make sense of why we classify people, and how we can change our thinking. It covers the history of identifying stereotypes, secret biases in our brains, and how stereotypes affect our sense of self. Most importantly, it covers current research into how science can help us overcome our biases, offering hope for a future where stereotypes are less prevalent and the world is more fair for everyone.

Written by award-winning author Tanya Lloyd Kyi, this timely and hopeful book addresses the issues of discrimination, racism, sexism, ableism and homophobia and offers concrete suggestions on how to make change. It uses scientific inquiry and loads of relatable and interesting examples to explore these uncomfortable topics in age-appropriate and engaging ways. Chapters, sidebars and colorful illustrations break the text into manageable chunks. Besides the many ways this book could be used to inspire frank and in-depth discussions on the importance of addressing stereotypes and bias, it also links to many science and social studies curriculum topics. Backmatter includes an extensive list of sources, suggestions for further reading and an index.

978-1-5253-0016-5 | Sep 1, 2020
List Price: USD $16.99, CAD $17.99
4-color 7 x 9 88 pages
Grades: 6 To 9 / Ages: 11 to 14
978-1-5253-0611-2 | Sep 1, 2020
List Price: USD $11.99, CAD $11.99

Awards & Reviews

“A must-read primer for change.”
— Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review, June 2020
“... fascinating ...”
— Booklist, July 2020
“A worthwhile purchase ... that will help readers recognize, understand, and eradicate stereotypes.”
— School Library Journal, August 2020
“Alongside Drew Shannon's colourful illustrations [Lloyd Kyi] encapsulates key sociological and scientific research on racism and stereotyping.”
— New York Times, October 2020
“A good acquisition for any middle school or high school library collection ...”
— CM Magazine, November 2020
2022 - Red Cedar Book Award, BC Young Reader's Choice, Short-listed
2022 - Yellow Cedar Award, Ontario Library Association, Nominee
2021 - Norma Fleck Award for Canadian Children's Non-Fiction, The Canadian Children`s Book Centre, Finalist
2020 - Best Informational Books for Older Readers of 2020, Chicago Public Library, Winner
2020 - Books of the Year: Books for Young People, Quill & Quire, Winner
2020 - Middle-Grade Nonfiction Award, Cybils Awards, Finalist
2020 - Children`s Book Award, Science Writers and Communicators of Canada, Short-listed

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