You Are Weird

Diane Swanson
Kathy Boake

Your body sports more hair than a gorilla. About 600 different species of bacteria are living in your mouth. Your head is full of holes. Back when you were a two-month-old embryo, you had a tail. Face it --- you are weird!

All these wonderfully weird body features make us human. They also show that we're part of an animal kingdom whose members share a lot more than the same planet. This book tackles those weird questions that everyone's curious about but nobody seems able to answer. What does your appendix do? What exactly are goose bumps and why do we get them? Why can some people wiggle their ears? You Are Weird answers these questions plus many more, backing up answers with the latest scientific theories. Take a guided tour around our oddball organs and freaky body functions that make us who we are --- wacky, wonderful and weird, weird, weird.

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Awards & Reviews

“... this chatty, interactive humorous science book makes human physiology accessible and interesting ...”
— Booklist, March 2009
“Sure to appeal to odd bods of all ages.”
— Kirkus Reviews, March 2009
“[An] entertaining and informative book about body weirdness for kids of an age to be wondering (or worrying) about what their bodies might be up to.”
— The Globe & Mail, March 2009
“A fun and educational read, guaranteed to please!”
— CM Magazine, February 2009
“... as visually attractive as it is informative ... sure to be an instant hit with any young reader ...”
— Quill & Quire, January 2009
2010 - Hackmatack Award, Short-listed
2010 - Silver Birch, Ontario Library Association, Short-listed
2010 - Information Book Award, Children's Literature Roundtables of Canada, Short-listed
2010 - Best Books for Kids & Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre, Winner

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