Welcome to the World

Valerie Wyatt
Lennette Newell

Plenty of books tell parents what's in store when a new baby arrives. But this one lets a new baby in on what he or she might expect. Styled as a sweet and simple letter to a newborn, this picture book introduces Baby to several first-year splendors, such as feeling warm sunlight, watching the movements of clouds, hearing birdsong and experiencing a loving embrace. Delectable photos of smiling and sleeping babies combine with images of other natural wonders such as flowers, leaves and pets. This ultimate letter of love is the perfect book for a new baby.

978-1-55453-593-4 | Aug 1, 2011
List Price: USD $14.95, CAD $14.95
4-color 7 x 7 24 pages
Grades: Birth To PreSchool / Ages: 0 to 3

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