The Unkindness of Ravens

J. Torres
Faith Erin Hicks

Rufus has returned to Grammy's for the weekend, and he's brought along the wooden Q'achi totem he uncovered on his last visit. After setting out to find his pal Penny in the woods and losing his way, Rufus once again turns to the totem for help. Unfortunately, Talon and Beak, a pair of greedy ravens, are watching from the trees as Rufus uses the powerful totem to transform into Bigfoot Boy. Imagining “the things we could do with that totem,” Talon decides his flock of ravens must steal the totem. Though Rufus and Penny desperately try to thwart their plans, the ravens are tricky, deceitful and determined to do whatever it takes to get what they want. Will Rufus, Penny and their squirrel friend, Sidney, find themselves outsmarted by a bunch of birds?

This is the second book in the terrifically entertaining trilogy of graphic novels by award-winning author J. Torres. Here, the mystery surrounding the totem deepens as readers learn of its origins and Rufus's connection to its creator. The artwork by the renowned Faith Erin Hicks is rich with depictions of the Pacific Northwest landscape and its legends and mythology, which underlie and set the tone for the premise of the series. These books work well for teaching environmental awareness, as saving the woods from development becomes a central mission for Rufus and Penny. There are also important lessons to be gleaned on solving problems and on forming and maintaining friendships.

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Awards & Reviews

“Hicks' glossy, colorful, action-packed panels will keep pages turning.”
— Kirkus Reviews, July 2013
“... both Torres' storytelling and Hicks' artwork remain strong, and readers are handed enough action and suspense to keep them interested in finding out what happens when volume 3 is released.”
— Booklist, September 2013
“I would highly recommend The Unkindness of Ravens for school and public library collections. Readers will delight in a tale of magic, adventure, and friendship that will leave them wondering what looms ahead in Book 3. This is a great new early graphic novel series.”
— CM Magazine, October 2013
2014 - Dragon Award, Joe Shuster Award, Short-listed

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