Tree of Life

Rochelle Strauss
Margot Thompson

If every known species on Earth were a leaf on a tree, that tree would have 1 750 000 leaves. Since humans count for just one leaf on the tree, we have a lot to learn about the millions of other forms of life with which we share the world. A dazzlingly illustrated and child-friendly introduction to biodiversity, Tree of Life shows how living things are classified into five kingdoms --- and how each has much to tell us about all aspects of life on our planet.

Tree of Life is part of CitizenKid: A collection of books that inform children about the world and inspire them to be better global citizens.

978-1-55453-961-1 | Mar 1, 2013
List Price: USD $12.99, CAD $14.99
4-color 9 x 12 40 pages
Grades: 3 To 7 / Ages: 8 to 12
978-1-77138-632-6 | Dec 2, 2013
List Price: USD $11.99, CAD $11.99

Awards & Reviews

“Tree of Life is beautifully designed, and Thompson's realistic pictures bring the Earth's creatures vividly to life. ... some of the vocabulary will prove challenging for readers as young as eight. Older children will nevertheless find this a wonderfully helpful resource.”
— Quill & Quire, July 2004
“This introduction to the five kingdoms of living things does an excellent job of helping young readers understand how scientists organize and classify all living things. ... Large-sized, both handsome and useful, this is an outstanding collaboration of author and illustrator.”
— Kirkus Reviews, August 2004
“Striking, lucid, and deceptively simple.”
— School Library Journal, October 2004
2007 - Alberta Children's Choice Rocky Mountain Book Award, Short-listed
2006 - Hackmatack Children's Choice Book Award, Short-listed
2005 - Teacher's Choice List, International Reading Association, Winner
2005 - Independent Publisher Book Award, Winner
2005 - Skipping Stones Honor Award, Skipping Stones Magazine, Winner
2005 - Green Earth Book Award, Runner-up
2005 - Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Award, Short-listed
2005 - Silver Birch Award, Ontario Library Association, Short-listed
2004 - Book of the Year Award - Silver Medal, ForeWord Magazine, Winner
2004 - Tom Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence, The Editors' Association of Canada, Winner
2004 - Henry Bergh Children's Book Award, ASPCA, Winner
2004 - Best of the Best Books List, Chicago Public Library, Winner

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