The Sign of the Black Rock


Young readers (and adults, too) will feel transported by the clever, intricate plotline and superb, sweeping illustrations of this second title in the Three Thieves series. The action resumes as our three goodhearted fugitives stop at a roadside inn during a ferocious thunderstorm. Narrow escapes ensue as Grig, the scheming and selfish innkeeper, endeavors to capture the trio and secure a reward from the Queen. Tensions mount further as the Queen's Dragons arrive at the tavern, hot on the trail of the fugitives and immediately suspicious of the smarmy Grig. Will Grig get his due? Will the fugitives escape? And why hasn't Grig's gentle wife spoken a word in ten years? You can bet she's got a secret.

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Awards & Reviews

“Readers should start with the first volume to get the characters' back stories, but here's an animated, breathlessly paced adventure that's just hitting its stride.”
— Kirkus Reviews, June 2011
“Touches of zany slapstick balance nicely with Dessa's continued resolve to find her lost brother, and Chantler's inviting cartooning captures it all with special aplomb.”
— Booklist, October 2011
“The faces are simple, but emotive, and the detailed line work in the backgrounds and costumes helps considerably in giving the fantastic world a believable dimension. The book has gentle slapstick moments, which add to its appeal.”
— School Library Journal, November 2011
2012 - Joe Shuster Dragon Award, Short-listed
2012 - Best Books for Kids & Teens, Starred Selection, Canadian Children's Book Centre, Winner

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