Nick the Sidekick

Dave Whamond
Dave Whamond

When Nick signed up to be a superhero, it seemed like a terrific idea. He was flattered to be chosen by Super Fantastic Guy --- picked for his intelligence, his investigative skills and his super-amazing hearing abilities. But as Super Fantastic Guy's assistant, Nick (who, by the way, hates being called a sidekick) didn't realize that he would have to do all of the work --- and get none of the credit. All Nick wants is an opportunity to prove himself. So, when he overhears a group of criminals planning an enormous bank heist, he knows his big chance to save the day has finally arrived. Or has it?

With a fresh take on the ever-popular theme of superheroes, award-winning author and illustrator Dave Whamond's graphic novel is the perfect adventure for emerging readers. Whamond's wacky sense of humor and illustrative talent are on full display in this book's laugh-out-loud, comically irreverent tale, while the twists and intrigues of the plot keep the pages turning --- fast. Nick is a sympathetic character whose situation will resonate with any child who knows someone who likes to steal the limelight or take credit for the work of others. Nick's approach and coping style, along with the support of his best friend, Tess, speak to young children's budding self-awareness and social development. This book also works for character education lessons on initiative, empathy and perseverance.

978-1-77138-355-4 | Apr 3, 2018
List Price: USD $14.99, CAD $15.99
4-color 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 48 pages
Grades: 1 To 4 / Ages: 6 to 9
978-1-5253-0071-4 | Apr 3, 2018
List Price: USD $5.99, CAD $5.99

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Awards & Reviews

“Fans of “Captain Underpants” will appreciate the humor and root for underdog Nick's hard work to be rewarded.”
— School Library Journal, May 2018
“The combination of very colourful illustrations, witty commentary, and a relatable underdog story makes for a very entertaining read!”
— CM Magazine, June 2018
“... a great introduction to graphic novels for children ...”
— Resource Links, October 2018
2019 - Best Children's Books of the Year, Bank Street College, Listed
2018 - Best Books for Kids and Teens, starred selection, The Canadian Children's Book Centre, Winner

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