Kitten's Winter

Eugenie Fernandes
Eugenie Fernandes

Winter comes to Kitten's world, and the little calico leaves her cozy home for an afternoon of exploration and discovery. Kitten learns that even on a frosty day, animal life flourishes: a squirrel forages, an otter goes fishing and a woodpecker taps the side of a bare-limbed tree. At the same time, readers discover that for many animals, winter is a time of rest. Softly, Kitten treads past a burrowing turtle, a napping beaver and a hibernating bear. Told in rhyming couplets, Kitten's Winter is a perfect introduction to animal behavior and habitats. And its sumptuous, mixed-media illustrations make it ideal for beginning and pre-readers, who will delight in spotting all the different details of the season.

978-1-55453-343-5 | Sep 1, 2011
List Price: USD $14.95, CAD $14.95
4-color 8 x 8 24 pages
Grades: Infant To Pre-K / Ages: 1 to 4
978-1-55453-742-6 | Sep 1, 2013
List Price: USD $7.95, CAD $8.95
978-1-55453-855-3 | Aug 1, 2012
List Price: USD $5.99, CAD $5.99

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“The large, clean pictures make this small square book easy to share with a group, though children will surely enjoy looking at the small details up close.”
— School Library Journal, November 2011
2012 - Best Books for Kids & Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre, Winner

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