The Kids Book of the Night Sky

Jane Drake, Ann Love
Heather Collins

In this book in the Family Fun series, boys and girls will discover all the secrets the night sky holds. They can play games like “Night Sky I Spy,” keep an astronomer's log and read about night sky myths. Star maps are included for each season --- so kids will know what to look for, when and where. Then as the sun goes down and the sky goes dark, they'll be ready for the night sky's all-star show.

978-1-55337-128-1 | Mar 1, 2004
List Price: USD $16.99, CAD $16.99
2-color 8 1/2 x 9 3/8 144 pages
Grades: 3 To 7 / Ages: 8 to 12

Awards & Reviews

“This book will hit the mark with those looking for an enjoyable approach to stargazing that presents scientific fundamentals along with historical and cultural aspects.”
— Quill & Quire, March 2004
“[V]aluable for its engaging tone and hands-on approach.”
— Booklist, April 2004
“The information reflects the most recent advances in the field, yet the presentation is accessible and enjoyable.”
— Science News, April 2004
“Using a lively combination of clearly written text, myths and legends, jokes, and activities, the authors present an excellent introduction to the many wonders of the night sky throughout the seasons. ... Love and Drake's excitement about their subject is contagious; they have created a book that should be in every school and public library.”
— School Library Journal, July 2004
“[T]his little book would be an intelligent choice as a gift to children whose interests lie beyond the realm of their computer monitors.”
— Science Books & Films, August 2004
2005 - Teacher's Choice, International Reading Association, Winner
2004 - Parents' Choice Recommended Award, Winner
2004 - YA Top Forty Nonfiction, Pennsylvania School Librarians Association, Winner

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