Hot, Cold, Shy, Bold

Pamela Harris
Pamela Harris

Children are fascinated with faces. And why not? Faces come in all shapes, sizes --- and expressions! What's more, they're a great way to learn about opposites. In Hot, Cold, Shy, Bold, “a wet face” is paired with “a dry face,” while “a sad face” is paired with “a glad face.” From round and square, to bearded and bare, large photographs introduce 13 pairs of opposites to young children --- all with simple rhyming text that's fun to read aloud.

978-1-55074-322-7 | Dec 2, 2019
List Price: USD $15.99, CAD $15.99
4-color 10 x 9 32 pages
Grades: Toddler To K / Ages: 2 to 5

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1999 - CCBC Choices, Cooperative Children's Book Center, Winner

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