Hawks Kettle, Puffins Wheel

Susan Vande Griek
Mark Hoffmann

This lyrical celebration of birds explores the fascinating ways these creatures move through the air. For each of twelve birds from around the world, a captivating poem describes the animal's distinctive movement and the special word associated with that movement, from geese who skein and puffins who wheel, to crows who mob and starlings who murmurate. The evocative language conveys the beauty of each bird and describes the sights and sounds of how each one makes its own unmistakable way in the world. An informational sidebar complements each poem, describing the reasons behind the bird's way of flying.

Award-winning children's author Susan Vande Griek has created a unique exploration of the magnificence of birds in flight. Illustrator Mark Hoffmann captures the animals with bold, highly engaging artwork that makes this book a visual standout among traditional nature books. All of the factual content has been verified by ornithological experts. End matter includes further information about each bird and a glossary. Along with the book's use for poetry units, it also has applications for life science lessons on animals and the characteristics of living things.

978-1-77138-995-2 | Sep 3, 2019
List Price: USD $16.99, CAD $18.99
4-color 9 1/2 x 11 36 pages
Grades: 1 To 4 / Ages: 6 to 9
978-1-5253-0374-6 | Sep 3, 2019
List Price: USD $9.99, CAD $9.99

Awards & Reviews

“A fresh and original approach to the study of birds and words.”
— Kirkus Reviews, June 2019
“Centered on the peculiar and charming verbs describing specific patterns and types of bird flight, this book pairs poetry and prose to explore the aerial behaviors of 12 species.”
— Publishers Weekly, July 2019
“... engaging and practical.”
— Quill & Quire, September 2019
“This nice combination of poetry, prose, and illustrations make this a good read-aloud and book to share.”
— School Library Journal, September 2019
“An elegant introduction to the wonder of flight that will have readers watching the behavior of neighborhood birds long after the book has been absorbed.”
— Booklist, October 2019
“... sure to be a hit.”
— CM Magazine, January 2020
2021 - Forest of Reading Yellow Cedar Award, Ontario Library Association, Short-listed
2020 - Skipping Stones Honor List, Skipping Stones Magazine, Winner
2020 - Outstanding Children's Book Award, Animal Behavior Society, Short-listed
2019 - Best of the Best books of 2019, Chicago Public Library, Listed

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