Happy Birthday, Big Bad Wolf

Frank Asch
Frank Asch

A comic twist on The Three Little Pigs by beloved author-illustrator Frank Asch.

When the Big Bad Wolf comes knocking at the door of the Pig family, he's in for a real surprise. Poppa Pig, Momma Pig and Little Pig are throwing him a birthday party - and it's not even his birthday! Before the guest of honor can even think of huffing and puffing, he's considering cake flavors, opening his present and making a birthday wish. Will the Big Bad Wolf end up enjoying some birthday cake with the three pigs, or will he make them his main course?

The comedy-tinged suspense and the softening up of a big, bad bully in this sweet and funny fractured fairy-tale will have children squealing with delight.

978-1-77138-363-9 | Jan 18, 2016
List Price: USD $9.99, CAD $9.99

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“Rendered digitally, Asch's naïf artwork offers some comic gold ...”
— Publishers Weekly, March 2011

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