Deborah Hodge
Nancy Gray Ogle

Did you know that a Golden Eagle has more than 7000 feathers? Or that a Bald Eagle's nest can be as tall as a house? How eagles build their nests is just one of the 14 topics in this look at the two types of eagles found in North America --- the Bald Eagle and the Golden Eagle. Kids can find out how eagles fly, what they eat, how they hunt, what they do to protect themselves and much more. In this fascinating book in the popular and informative Kids Can Press Wildlife Series, easy-to-read text and beautiful, accurate illustrations meet the research needs of young children and satisfy their curiosity about these amazing birds.

978-1-55074-717-1 | Sep 1, 2000
List Price: USD $11.99, CAD $11.99
4-color 8 x 10 32 pages
Grades: K To 5 / Ages: 5 to 10

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“Soar with our largest birds of prey in the latest book from the Kids Can Press Wildlife Series. Like the other excellent books in this series, Eagles reveals its subject both inside and out. Discover what eagles eat, where they live and how they fly or compare North American eagles to their counterparts around the world. “Eagle Facts” on each page provide additional interesting tidbits (Did you know that migrating eagles travel about 55km/hour?) The beautiful colour illustrations by Nancy Gray Ogle provide an excellent compliment to the clear, simple text. All of the books in the Wildlife Series would be enjoyed by an early reader (grades 1 - 3) and would be well used for research projects.”
— Alberta Naturalist, September 2000
“Eagles is one of the books in the Kids Can Press Wildlife series. It is a well organized, attractive book that will capture the interest of primary age children who need information for a school report or who are just plain interested in eagles. With its fine index, glossary and table of contents, Eagles will be an easy book for children to find specific facts and to understand the vocabulary surrounding the subject. The illustrations are dramatic and accurate, cleverly showing the eagles' habitat in the background. Young readers will gain important information from these detailed watercolours. Highly recommended.”
— Resource Links, January 2001
“A surprising amount of information is packed into this slim entry in the Kids Can Wildlife series. Beginning with a brief look at eagles around the world, the book focuses on the two American species, touching on habitats, food, physiology, flight, behavior, and young. Clear, engaging language defines terms in the text, and then again in a glossary, while boxed “eagle facts” appear on each spread. Nancy Gray Ogle's noteworthy illustrations will draw young readers in with their hyper-realistic watercolor details that bring out the individual character and beauty of the birds. A fine choice for budding ornithologists.”
— Booklist, November 2000
“Through sweeping two-page pictures and short descriptive sentences and paragraphs, Eagles presents a complete story for young readers in 32 pages. Topics include eagles' anatomy, behavior, and tips for studying and watching the birds. Definitions are included within the descriptions in the text, so the 10-word “Words to know” section at the end of the book is almost not needed. This slim volume is a delightful place to meet up with 10 different eagles of the world, including two North American forms (the bald eagle and the golden eagle). Also, highlighted facts are found in nine boxes along the way through the enjoyable presentation. Eagles offers an excellent place to learn about these majestic birds.”
— Science Books & Films, February 2001
2003 - Red Cedar Book Award, Short-listed
2001 - Our Choice, Canadian Children's Book Centre, Winner

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