The Day My Mom Came to Kindergarten

Maureen Fergus
Mike Lowery

“I liked kindergarten from the very 1st day,” begins the narrator of this very funny and touching picture book. However, she notices, “My mom was happy for me, of course, but I got the feeling that she was also a little sad” to leave her. So one day the little girl invites her mom to join the kindergarten class for the day, which turns out to be a real learning experience --- for both of them. Somehow her mom just can't get any of the rules right: she barges to the front of the line, she shouts out without raising her hand, she slams down her scissors during Craft Time. How embarrassing! In a wonderful role reversal that will delight young children, the girl must become the patient and sometimes frustrated expert who instructs her mom on how to behave.
Author Maureen Fergus has found a unique way of telling a school story that allows children to feel rewarded about how much they know. The spare style and juvenile sensibility of the artwork by Mike Lowery perfectly conveys the hilarity of the story. This book would be a popular, entertaining read-aloud, especially for kindergartners themselves. It ties in beautifully to character education lessons on patience or perseverance. The little girl is a wonderful role model for how to be generous and kind to others who are struggling with something new, while also providing a humorous lesson on why it's important to follow the rules.

978-1-55453-698-6 | Mar 1, 2013
List Price: USD $16.95, CAD $18.95
4-color 10 x 9 32 pages
Grades: PreSchool To 2 / Ages: 3 to 7
978-1-77138-063-8 | Aug 13, 2013
List Price: USD $5.99, CAD $5.99

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Awards & Reviews

“... with lively humor and a bright, welcoming cartoon aesthetic ... Young readers will giggle ...”
— Publishers Weekly, January 2013
“You can almost smell the crayons ... A well-observed kindergarten whimsy.”
— Kirkus Reviews, February 2013
“Fergus's light humor keeps the story amusing ...”
— The New York Times, September 2013
“Tongue so firmly in cheek that it might have to be surgically removed, Fergus crafts a switcheroo that will have children rolling on the floor and, along with certain parents and less-experienced teachers, getting the point, too.”
— Booklist Online, March 2013
2015 - Blue Spruce, Forest of Reading, Winner
2014 - Best Books of the Year for Children and Young Adults, Bank Street Children's Book Committee, Winner
2013 - Best Books for Kids & Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre, Winner

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