The City ABC Book

Zoran Milich

Every large city is filled with sights and sounds and lots and lots of words. But have you ever looked at the city itself? At the shapes created by wood, concrete, metal and paint? A keen eye and a little inspiration are all it takes to discover a hidden alphabet among the architecture of a bustling metropolis.

The City ABC Book features dramatic black-and-white photographs of urban landscapes with hidden letters boldly highlighted in red. Children will be inspired to take a second look at the world around them as their powers of observation are enhanced, and their imaginations are allowed to soar.

978-1-55074-948-9 | Feb 1, 2003
List Price: USD $11.99, CAD $11.99
4-color 7 x 10 32 pages
Grades: PreSchool To K / Ages: 3 to 5

Awards & Reviews

“Zoran Milich has produced a photographic find-the-letter alphabet book ideal for this younger age group, which loves to find letter shapes in everyday objects.”
— The Horn Book Magazine, July 2001
“[T]his is a useful addition to any collection of alphabet books and one that can be used to encourage closer viewing of everyday surroundings.”
— School Library Journal, June 2001
2002 - Independent Book Publishers Award, Short-listed
2002 - Book Design Award, Alcuin Society, Winner

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