Big Top Otto

Bill Slavin
Bill Slavin

This second title in the Elephants Never Forget trilogy finds the sweet-natured elephant Otto and his parrot sidekick, Crackers, hitting the rails as they travel across America in search of Otto's good friend Georgie the chimpanzee. In the first book, Georgie was snatched from his home in Africa by the evil Man with the Wooden Nose, and Otto and Crackers have been tracking down clues to his whereabouts ever since. They catch a lucky break when a retired circus bear named Birdy tells them she's seen Georgie with the Punkratz and Pinky traveling circus. But just when Otto and Crackers think they're closing in, they become enmeshed in a series of high-speed escapades involving a small-town football game, a car dressed like a peanut and even an exotic animal smuggler! It's just one challenge after another for the pair. And are they any closer to finding Georgie?

The talents of award-winning author and illustrator Bill Slavin are on full display in this funny and heartwarming graphic novel series. The detailed illustrations are loaded with visual humor, the twisting plotline is full of adventure and suspense, and the endearing characters are lovable and memorable. Perfect for emerging and reluctant readers, these books are sure to be in high demand. Otto's unrelenting determination to let nothing stop him from finding his friend also lends this series to character education lessons on caring, initiative, perseverance and teamwork. And a subplot of the story raises social justice awareness regarding the ethical treatment of animals.

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Awards & Reviews

“Slavin slips in a lot of humorous asides to entertain grown-ups while providing a comical adventure with just the right amount of danger for younger readers.”
— Booklist, March 2013
“Nonthreatening, nonstop mayhem ...”
— Kirkus Reviews, June 2013
“Slavin is a skilled illustrator and storyteller, and he brings these talents to this graphic-novel series. The full-color art is traditional in style, and the illustrations, particularly of Otto, add humor to an already funny story.”
— School Library Journal, November 2013

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