Big City Otto

Bill Slavin
Bill Slavin

Otto is a lumbering, sweet-natured elephant who can't forget his childhood chum Georgie, a smiley-faced chimpanzee who was abducted and shipped away from their forest home by the mysterious and sinister Man with the Wooden Nose. Accompanied by a wisecracking but protective parrot named Crackers, Otto decides to hop a plane and look for Georgie in America. But once they hit the wild streets of the concrete jungle, Otto and Crackers court trouble at every turn --- even becoming unwittingly involved in the seedy alligator underworld dominating the city sewers. And little do these out-of-place out-of-towners realize that they, too, are being doggedly pursued across the city --- by the local police! Will the authorities catch Otto and Crackers? Will Otto and Crackers find Georgie? Who is the Man with the Wooden Nose? And what's an elephant doing sporting a trenchcoat and fedora?

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Awards & Reviews

“Not for every reader, but fans of comics reminiscent of simpler times will certainly enjoy this.”
— Kirkus Reviews, August 2011
“Bill Slavin brings his trademark humour and lively illustrations to this lighthearted romp.”
— Quill & Quire, September 2011
“Drawn in a colorful cartoon style, with plenty of corny jokes and visual gags, this is a gentle, humorous adventure that children should enjoy.”
— School Library Journal, November 2011
2012 - Joe Shuster Dragon Award, Short-listed
2012 - Best Books for Kids & Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre, Winner

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