Deborah Hodge
Pat Stephens

How beavers dam ponds and build lodges are just two of 14 topics in this clearly written title in the popular and informative Kids Can Press Wildlife Series. You will find out why beavers chew on trees, where they give birth and raise their young, how they escape danger and much more.

Did you know?
• A beaver never stops growing.
• A beaver can stay underwater for up to 15 minutes.
• Some beaver dams are longer than a soccer field.
• Beaver babies can see, hear, walk and swim as soon as they are born.

Beautifully detailed, realistic illustrations give young children a close-up look at beavers and satisfy their curiosity about these intriguing animals.

978-1-55074-679-2 | Apr 1, 1998
List Price: USD $11.99, CAD $11.99
4-color 8 x 10 32 pages
Grades: K To 5 / Ages: 5 to 10

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Awards & Reviews

“Features concise, clearly organized facts corralled into brief, dual page chapters about North America's largest rodent, the beaver ... A thorough examination.”
— Kirkus Reviews, October 1999
“[Beavers and the other titles in] this series fill an important niche for early readers.”
— American Bookseller, September 1997
“A great beginner's reference.”
— Scientific American Explorations, September 1999
“Solid choices for homework assignments or to whet the appetites of young wildlife lovers.”
— Booklist, January 1999
2001 - Our Choice, Canadian Children's Book Centre, Winner
2001 - Red Cedar Book Award, Short-listed

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