Bearcub and Mama


Bearcub follows his mama wherever she goes. By Mama's side, he discovers how to catch a fish and dig for grubs. With Mama's help, he learns to climb a tree and find honey. One day, Bearcub is exploring the high country when the sky darkens and a storm blows in. But this time, Mama is not there. Frightened and alone, Bearcub must rely on himself --- and all that his mama has taught him --- to weather the fierce winter storm.

Told in simple, evocative language and illustrated in rich, luminous colors, Bearcub and Mama is a reassuring story about growing up and the powerful bond between mother and child.

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Awards & Reviews

“Preschoolers will find the heartwarming story reassuring and comforting.”
— Kirkus Review, February 2005
“The enduring relationship between mother and child is mirrored through Bearcub and Mama. Little ones will identify with Bearcub as he develops new skills and learns how to accept separation despite the fears it causes. ... The soft-edged acrylic artwork mirrors the colors of the seasons.”
— Booklist, February 2005
2006 - Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Award, Short-listed
2006 - Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Award, Canadian Children's Book Centre, Short-listed
2006 - Teacher's Choices Project, International Reading Association, Winner
2005 - Book of the Year, ForeWord Magazine, Winner

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