Are You Afraid Yet?

Stephen James O’Meara
Jeremy Kaposy

Want a good scare? Try reading about severed heads that blink, killer viruses that eat their human host, and real-life werewolves (just for starters)! Scared yet? That's okay - feeling scared is natural and useful. Want to know more about these and other fears? Pick up this one-of-a-kind book, an illustrated investigation into all the stuff that's frightened us out of our wits for centuries and the gruesome, gory, gut-churning science behind it.

What makes our skin crawl and our spines tingle? Why do we shiver? Why do scary movies make us scream? Uncover the truth behind such scaremongers as King Kong, UFOs, vampires, mummies, ghosts, haunted houses, and many more. First-person and historical accounts and expert scientific opinions make this the ideal book for both skeptics and believers - and anyone who loves a good old-fashioned scare. The comic-book style panels and bite-sized freaky facts mean that you can gorge on or just nibble little bits of scary stuff.

978-1-55453-295-7 | Mar 1, 2009
List Price: USD $9.95, CAD $9.95
BW 7 x 6 80 pages
Grades: 4 To 7 / Ages: 9 to 12

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Awards & Reviews

“The trio's wacky adventures offer as much grisly monster-filleting action and bodily fluid humor as a young reader could want.”
— Book Links, May 2009
“Perfect for reluctant readers or anyone who loves to be frightened.”
— Books for Growing Minds, March 2009
“Hilarious, informative and attractively creepy bait, particularly for reluctant readers.”
— Kirkus Reviews, March 2009
“Any kid who can't help but watch scary flicks with all the lights out is going to get a chilly charge from this hand-sized horror handbook.”
— Booklist, March 2009
“This should appeal to kids who love scary stories, while introducing them to hard science and critical thinking in the process.”
— School Library Journal, August 2009
2012 - Garden State Teen Book Award, New Jersey Library Association, Short-listed

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