Sharon Jennings -

Sharon Jennings grew up in Toronto writing, directing and starring in plays for the backyard. She went to university and got a master's degree in English so that she could spend many years doing not much more than reading books. Then she found work as an editor where she could spend lots of time reading other people's stories. Sharon didn't figure out that she wanted to write her own stories until she had a child. After her first book was published (Jeremiah and Mrs. Ming), Sharon had a couple more kids and published a lot more books. Mostly, her three children were her inspiration for all of her writing, so when they grew up, Sharon was very happy when one of them brought home a puppy. The “puppy” is now 110 pounds, but she earns her keep by giving Sharon lots more ideas. Sharon followed the old rule to “write what you know” --- she now knows lots about dogs --- but then she added in a dollop of imagination and wrote C'mere Boy --- a story about a dog that really, really, really wants a boy.

When she isn't writing or walking her dog, Sharon likes to cook, run and talk to children and adults about writing. And she has never stopped reading.