Sangeeta Bhadra - Author

Sangeeta Bhadra

When Sangeeta Bhadra was two years old, her mom found her with her teddy bear, Jeremy, under one arm, pen in hand, scribbling furiously over the pages of The Three Bears. She claimed to be writing.

Sangeeta “wrote” many books during that period, but it wasn't until she was in grade three (after a few author visits at her school) that she knew she wanted to be an author herself when she grew up. She told her parents so, they agreed it was a good idea, and that was that! Sangeeta has been writing ever since. She started with picture books, poetry in grade five, short stories when she got a little older ... and back to picture books as she studied biology at the University of Toronto.

Sam's Pet Temper is her first published book. Sangeeta was working on a different story as she did her laundry, when the idea for this book popped into her head. She dropped what she was doing and wrote the first draft in one sitting. She still doesn't know why Sam's name is Sam ... but she knew right from the start that Sam's Pet Temper was special.

Before an illustration of the Temper was available, Sangeeta asked the few people who had read the story how they imagined this creature. Everyone had a completely different picture in their heads. This is what her dad saw: a black, scribbly ball of chaos. Amazing, huh?

When she is not hard at work writing, Sangeeta and her Temper enjoy crafting, baking, playing duets on the piano and taking long, meandering walks near their Brampton, Ontario, home. (Her Temper is kept leashed and muzzled in public, and is generally well controlled the rest of the time, too.)

Sam's Pet Temper

2016 - Blue Spruce Award, Ontario Library Association, Short-listed