Lennette Newell - Illustrator

Lennette Newell

Lennette Newell grew up on the high plains of western Nebraska, the daughter of a large-animal veterinarian and cattle rancher. By age six she was an accomplished horseback rider, competing in and winning pole and barrel racing competitions. Cattle, dogs, cats, peacocks and a pet skunk were an integral part of her daily experience. Her passion for animals and nature forged an interest in photography, which led to studies at Brooks Institute of Photography. Following the birth of her daughter Zoe, she was inspired to begin seriously photographing babies and children. Who doesn't like to wear a tiara and be silly just to hear the infectious laugh of a child?

Upon leaving school she pursued a career in commercial photography, specializing in photographing children and animals for advertising and corporate clients. Her work has garnered numerous prestigious awards, including Black & White Spider Awards, PDN Annual, American Photography 26, Graphis, Hasselblad Masters, International Photography Awards, Photography Masters Cup and Px3 Prix de la Photographie, Paris.

She lives in Northern California near San Francisco.

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