Julie Lawson - Author

Julie Lawson

Julie Lawson has written 17 books for children and young adults, including Kids Can Press titles Bear on the Train, Emma and the Silk Train and The Klondike Cat.

Lawson's grandfather worked on the railroad, and she grew up with a passion for trains that is evident in many of her books. Her love of trains and travel, and her nose for a story came together when her husband told her about seeing a bear climb on a train to eat some grain. Bear on the Train is a lyrical tale. It unfolds in prose that sings with the power and the rhythm of the rails. In this most unusual hibernation story, a bear falls asleep and spends the winter criss-crossing the country on a mile-long freight train. No one notices the bear except Jeffrey, who keeps a caring, watchful eye on his traveling friend.

Many of Lawson's books are filled with exciting real-life history and adventure. Set during the Klondike gold rush The Klondike Cat gives readers a unique glimpse into a time when hopes were high, dreams were big and golden opportunities came in all shapes and sizes.

Julie Lawson lives in Victoria, British Columbia.