Jeremy Kaposy - Illustrator

Jeremy Kaposy

Jeremy Kaposy was born in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. He grew up the youngest of four boys, and all of his brothers were giants. They were certainly the first monsters that Jeremy was ever afraid of.

As a youngster, he drew his own comic books. They starred some freakish characters such as a boy with a nose for a head, called “Nostril-Boy.” Jeremy continues to draw comics to this very day, and that led to his experience drawing the monster-filled Are You Afraid Yet? The Science Behind Scary Stuff for Kids Can Press.

Jeremy graduated from Sheridan College's famed Illustration program with a Bachelor of Applied Arts, in the first graduating year to do so. Currently he lives in Toronto and is employed by Nelvana Enterprises, the animation company.

Are You Afraid Yet? is his first book for kids, although he continues to self-publish graphic novels online and in print. His current comic project, Super Sweet Seven, stars himself and features his brothers as, you guessed it --- monsters.

His work has appeared on American Illustration online, and in print in the Feathertale Review, the Ryerson Review of Journalism, and others. Kaposy is ambitious and seeks to build his freelance illustration career. He would ultimately like to draw more books and do editorial work for magazines, as well as poster design.

Jeremy is now six feet tall himself, but is still shorter than his siblings. The thing he fears most is milk and milk products, because he is lactose intolerant.

Are You Afraid Yet?

2012 - Garden State Teen Book Award, New Jersey Library Association, Short-listed