Heather Smith - Author

Heather Smith spent much of her early life wrestling with words. Not only was she a reluctant reader, she struggled with speech as well. Unable to pronounce certain words, she became a walking thesaurus, anxiously swapping out words she wanted to say with words she could say. Today, Heather wrestles with words in a different way --- she's a writer. Instead of dodging words, she grabs them tight with both hands and finds them a home on the page.
Originally from Newfoundland, Heather now lives in Waterloo, Ontario, with her husband and three children. Her east coast roots inspire much of her writing. When Heather is not writing, she is probably eating toast and/or watching documentaries that most people would find boring.
Twitter: @heather_t_smith
Instagram: @heather.t.smith
Facebook: @HeatherWritesBooks

Ebb and Flow

2018 - Governor General's Literary Award, Young People's Literature - Text, Canada Council for the Arts, Short-listed