Heather Dyer - Author

Heather's books feature ordinary children to whom extraordinary things happen. In Tina and the Penguin, Tina smuggles a penguin out of the zoo and finds that having a penguin in your bedroom isn't as much fun as she thought it would be. In The Fish in Room 11 Toby finds a mermaid with stringy hair living beneath the pier. And in The Boy in the Biscuit Tin, three children find a magic set which does real magic. Friendship and freedom are the themes explored.

Heather's books have received an USBBY Oustanding International Book award, the Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice 2003 award, and been broadcast on the Canadian YTV children's television program The Bittles. Heather currently lives in the United Kingdom and teaches Writing for Children at Bristol University. The best review she ever received was from a nine-year-old boy who said to his teacher, “These characters feel like our friends.”

Early Chapter Books