Ellen Warwick - Author

Ellen Warwick

Ellen Warwick has been crafting since she could hold a pair of scissors. Ellen is the author of Injeanuity, Stuff to Hold Your Stuff, Fully Woolly and other titles. She lives in Toronto.

Hamilton, Ontario

November 19th, I am a Scorpio!

Where do you live?
In a tiny house in downtown Toronto, Ontario.

Do you have any pets?
Frankie, the wonder cat, a.k.a. Frankus, Frankenstein, Frankenfurter, Frankenberry and Frankmeister...

What is your favorite book?
That's a really hard question because I love sooo many books. The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman is one of my top ten.

What is your favorite movie?
The Wizard of Oz or It's a Wonderful Life

What are your hobbies?
Reading, making crafts, writing, knitting, gardening, fixing up my house, building stuff ...

When did you start writing?
Not very long ago, but now I love it!

What was your schooling or training?
After high school, I went to the University of Toronto to study English Literature, and then I went to Ryerson University to learn about publishing.

How did you get involved with children's books?
I never stopped loving children's books, even after I grew up. So, my first publishing job was at a children's publishing company.

What is the thing that you like the most about creating children's books?
It's lots of fun!

Where do you work?
Well, I usually start neatly at my dining room table, but as I go along things get more and more messy and spread out. After a while, I end up working on the floor and in the living room and the kitchen and the backyard ...

What is your favorite childhood memory?
Summers at my cottage, swimming everyday in Lake Huron

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I never really knew what kind of job I wanted, but I did know that when I grew up I wanted to be creative, kind, fun and happy.

What is your next project?
Crafts, crafts and more crafts!


2009 - Best Books for Kids and Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre, Winner