Dave Whamond - Author/Illustrator

Dave Whamond grew up wanting to be an illustrator-cartoonist as well as a writer. In school, he couldn't wait until creative writing class or art class, so he decided that he had to find a way to do it for a living. After he graduated high school, Dave took a four-year course in visual communications at the Alberta College of Art and Design. Dave loved it and really found his people there.

After graduating from art college, Dave worked as a professional illustrator for many years. One of his dreams was to have a syndicated comic and after many attempts, he finally struck gold! Dave's comic, Reality Check, has been syndicated for 23 years now, which means he's been drawing a new comic every day for 23 years.

Dave has two kids and when they were younger, he would read books to them every night. Dave remembers thinking to himself, "Why don't I make a children's book?" His kids thought he should make a children's book, too. Dave had illustrated other people's books but had never written and illustrated his own.

Breaking into the children's book market was almost as difficult as getting a syndicated comic. But Dave doesn't give up easily. He looked at each rejection letter from a publisher as one step closer to his goal. After many attempts, Dave's first book, My Think-a-ma-Jink, was published in 2009. Dave was even more surprised when it won the Blue Spruce Award, which is voted on by readers like you! Since then, Dave has won another Blue Spruce award and also a Silver Birch award. He is the recipient of seven Reuben awards from the National Cartoonists Society.

Dave is now hooked and wants to write and draw books full time.
Twitter: @DaveWhamond

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