Carolyn Gavin - Illustrator

Carolyn Gavin

Carolyn Gavin is a painter, illustrator and surface pattern designer based in Toronto, Canada.

Vibrant, playful and happy are perfect words to describe her style.

A flower child of the 60s, Carolyn grew up in South Africa, left to travel Europe and relocated to Canada where she lives today in a quiet, leafy downtown neighborhood with her husband, daughter and bulldog.

Carolyn trained as a graphic designer and learned painting and techniques from artist Nina Campbell-Quine. In 2007, she started Ecojot, an eco-friendly paper business, with her family. Today, she freelances with her agent, Lilla Rogers Studio, and licenses her work for fabric, housewares, packaging and books.

Carolyn works in gouache, watercolor, pen and ink and vector. Finding inspiration in travel, flowers, exotic color and pattern, Carolyn makes sure her life is filled with beauty and creativity.
Instagram: @carolynj

Nature All Around: Birds

2021 - Dogwood Titles, Grades 3-5, Dogwood Committee of Missouri, Winner

Nature All Around: Trees

2019 - Best Books for Kids & Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre, Winner